Kristina's love for photography began early in childhood, constantly observing the world with a 35mm Olympus point and shoot in hand. Her educational pursuits led her to Harvard where she graduated with a degree in sociology, including a semester in Paris where she studied film photography with Philippe Vermes. She later began a career in management consulting and brand strategy, helping to guide the future of Fortune 500 companies.

While she loved the challenge of the corporate world, Kristina felt the calling to pursue photography full time and has since photographed couples and events all over the United States. Today her photographic approach is focused on storytelling - part editorial and part photojournalistic. Her work captures excitement, joy, and fleeting moments through the lens of authenticity. Kristina’s images have been featured on Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, People, The Wed & more.

Dream historical wedding to photograph: JFK Jr. and Carolyn Bessette

Most iconic wedding moment: The recessional! The couple is surrounded by so much joy and love

Favorite Met Gala looks: Kaia Gerber in Oscar de la Renta, Billy Porter in The Blonds, and anything Versace from the 90s


I use a mix film and digital cameras to document weddings, depending on the best medium for the moment, and light, and flow of the day. I love digital's certainty and film's nostalgia and imperfections


Because I began my career in corporate strategy, my approach to photography is a pretty even mix of right brain and left brain - part artistic and intuitive, and part analytical and organized. (But always extremely type A)


My husband and I love that we both have untraditional work schedules. We often work weekends so you might find us at the beach on a Monday morning with our two sons.


I'm a total francophile. So cliche, right? I try to get to Paris every couple of years and my oldest son celebrated his first New Year's in Paris. (Raising him right, if you ask me!)




Kristina is based in Southern CA and adventures all over the United States to capture weddings, events, and people in love.